Even if you have the latest LED lighting in the workplace, adding control systems to harvest any natural light and using real world usage patterns can save you even more money.  If you are considering an LED lighting project, let’s talk.

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Can I just switch the lamps?
It’s a common mistake that some people make. It’s true that you will achieve savings by like-for-like switching of lamps. The value we add is in the control systems and light-level matching.  There is little point in switching lamps to LED only to find that work areas are not quite as bright as they were with the old system. A new, professionally specified LED lighting project should improve light levels for staff ensuring that the safety and efficiency is not degraded in any way.

What control systems will help with saving money?
Part of the survey we carry out looks at making best use of control systems to ensure lights are not operational if there is no need for them to be on. Quite often, the actual usage pattern differs from what the management think is happening. This is why the survey and trial install is so important. If people see a bank of light switches, the tendency is to turn them all on, not just the ones they need right now. We can implement presence sensing systems to only light up areas that need to be lit. Even if it’s light outside and a building has natural light, people often turn the lights on. It’s habit. We can provide daylight harvesting systems to dim lights, reducing power consumption when the natural light is strong without a reduction in light levels. Relying on education to encourage switching off lights when not in use has its limits. Our control systems take out the guesswork.

What about maintenance of the LED Lighting?
The quality of LED lighting has improved considerably over the years. You should expect to achieve around 50,000 hours of operation from your LED lamps. Compared to traditional lighting systems, you will be changing lamps less often. In addition, when combined with our control systems, we would expect your LED lights to run for fewer hours than the old systems. Our systems carry an enhanced 2 year warranty. If a lamp or fitting fails during this period, not only will we replace the unit, we’ll arrange to have it fitted too. Complete peace of mind.

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